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In 2010, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology reported that less than 30% of eighth graders in the US are considered proficient in math and science, this same percentage for African-American eighth grade students is 12%. This is more than an academic problem; it dramatically limits career choices and future economic stability for today’s youth.

Uplift strives to address this problem by engaging students of color through out-of-school time activities that teach core STEAM+CS concepts. To help students excel in STEAM+CS, our strategy is to offer culturally relevant, innovative, and engaging educational experiences based on students’ interests and community issues. Our custom designed curricula also features team and group activities, competitions, guest speakers and interactive demonstrations, field trips, and internships.

Your overall support and contribution helps us achieve our goals of exposing and engaging many students in STEAM+CS subjects and ultimately into STEAM+CS careers.

Specific fundraising campaigns currently underway are:

  1. Robotics:  Updating our Robotics in DC Curriculum. We totally customize our curriculum to meet the needs of current students.  We 3 robotics teams and more sites on the way, we need to do this as soon as possible.
  2. Game Design:  UrbanKid GAMELab. We have been teaching game design and development for several years now and recently partnered with Howard University | CLDC & Yahoo! to host a game design competition.  We are working on a new program called UrbanKid.  Please take our video game survey as well.  Leshell Hatley, our Founder & Executive Director, has also decided to make a full game during our next class session, as she teaches.  We hear she already has the main character designed! :)
  3. Learning Technology: Myles & Ayesha.  Myles & Ayesha comes out of Uplift's Center for Research and Development.  Yes, we conduct research on teaching and learning as well.  :)  Myles & Ayesha are digital learning companions powered by artificial intelligence to help students learn a variety of subjects using animation, apps, and other interactive activities.  We are working to finalize pair's first animated episodes, write the last 3 of 5 episodes, and design the next learning app.
  4. Health:  Uplift is also working on a new dental health program for our students.  Your contribution will help provide seed money.  You can also take our Dental Hygiene Survey.
  5. And last but not least, the construction of our new website!

We appreciate your giving!

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